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Limona Lemon Press Jumbo Size For The Love Of Lemons

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When life gives you lemons, Make mouthwatering Limoncello..!!!

When you absolutely love this most important staple , why not make the most of it thisSummer ? Get Limona and buy lots oflemons.. just cut lemons in half, place it in the citrus press and press.. mouthwatering Lemons juice is yours to savor!Get more juice with less efforts as Limona has extra long handles to work with, it’s Jumbo size accommodates Lemon and Limes of all sizesand the small strainer holes easily filter juice from theseeds..Make Lemon flavoured water to sip on all day to stay hydrated , sprinkle Lemon zest on your salads to make them more zesty andtasty and add lots of Lemon juice in your salad dressing as well to make it Lemonicious..!

Don’t forget to make Limoncello with simple syrup, add your favourite spirit and chill out with friends all summer long..Feel vibrant and energetic and have a party with Limona..


  • It is made of High Quality and light weight Stainless Steel.
  • With extra long hands for convenience, it measures. 10 inches Long and it’s Jumbo size accommodates Lemon and Limes of all sizes.
  • Easy to use, it can juice as many Lemons and Limes at a time as you want.
  • Dishwasher safe, stores in kitchen drawer.
  • Great addition inHousewarming gift basket..

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